Your Quick Guide on How to Select Your Electric Tea Kettles

Electric tea kettles are designed for boiling water especially for making hot teas. They can be used either in your home or at the office. The tea-kettles are powered by electricity and used as low as 1000 Watts and as high as 1750 Watts. Since they are electrically powered, they are incorporated with heating element, typically found at the base of the appliance. For more convenience, the heating element can be detached after you heat up the water to a certain temperature.


The kettles are powered through an electrical outlet. Best copper tea kettle In a way, they are much easier to utilize compared to the conventional stovetops. In addition, they can boil much faster as the heat is efficiently transferred through the heating element. The expected boiling time of the appliance is usually less than 5 minutes. The heat transfer is also much efficient as they are made of stainless steel material which is a good conductor of heat. However, these kettles are also available in glass and plastic.

Choosing an Electric-powered Tea-Kettle

These kettles come in different design and sizes. The size or capacity of the appliance can range from 27 ounces to 2 quarts. When choosing for a home use tea-kettle, you may want to consider features such as wide pouring spout as it can offer faster serving. Furthermore, cool touch exterior, safety handle, lid lock and filters are also great features that your tea-kettle should have. best copper kettle The lid lock is for preventing spillage and the filters are for preventing mineral build up.

Electric-Powered Tea-Kettle Models

Today, there are many available models of electric tea pots. One of the common ones is the Adagio Teas 3 UtiliTEA kettles. It is a versatile model with innovative temperature control system. Other well known models include Chef’s Choice 678 and CuisinArt KUA-17. The former one is super efficient as it is constructed to boil water much quicker. Hence, they are perfect for busy people. On the other hand, the latter one is a 1.75-quart capacity appliance for making fresh teas faster.

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