Cancellation of The Theory and Practical Driving Tests – How to Do So

There are many reasons that can make you wish to postpone your driving theory and practical tests. It might be some family emergencies, some important issues that require your attention, or something else. If you feel like you cannot make it to the test, then you can inform your instructor about your problem.

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Cancelling the Driving Tests

There are many ways that can help you with the cancellation of the driving tests. Once you are done with the theory tests online, you will obtain a certificate indicating that you have passed the test. You can proceed with the further tests through online testing options.

The best way of proceeding with the driving tests is by taking online test options. The procedure will be the same here, and the only difference is that you will not be experiencing fun of taking the test onsite.

Cancellation of the driving test is not an easy task. Every driving license obtaining period will be set for certain days to weeks. If your time lapses and you have failed to apply for cancellation of driving tests then you must attend the tests on the designated date.

If you have decided to cancel the tests before it is too late, then you can do so by following these steps –

  • You can cancel the test within a day or two, before the scheduled date
  • If you feel like you are actually in an unannounced area, then you can easily cancel the test.

Materials Required for the Cancellation of the Tests

You will need some requirements to easily cancel your driving tests. They include –

  • Documents with your complete personal details
  • The booking number that is sent to you via email

Once you have the required details, you can proceed with the driving test cancellations. Here are some tips for the easy cancellation of the tests.

  • Visit online page of any respective driving school
  • Select “cancel” or “change the date” option on the webpage

Once you update necessary details on the webpage, you will receive an email with details about your next booking date and also the booking reference number. If the detail is not obtained through the email id, then necessary details will be sent to you to the address that is provided in the driving test application form.

You can apply for obtaining the driving license, when you complete 16 years of age and are well versed with driving a car. Before proceeding with the driver’s license test, you should obtain necessary medical reports such as –

  • Your eye test report indicating that you have excellent eyesight.
  • Document explaining about the number of hours that you have spent with learning the technique of driving. You can obtain it from your driving instructor from their respective school.

Your instructor will not be suggesting you to take a driving license test, if they feel like you are all set to take a test. Trust their decision and become a licensed driver in no time.

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