14 Best Free Project Management Software and Tools

The teams responsible for the completion of the projects on time without failure while providing quality. Therefore, the project manager has to properly coordinate and maintain harmony among the team in order to complete the task and achieve the organization’s goals. These professionals are certified with various certifications such as the PMP certification that allows them to gain knowledge and gain experience in the project management line of work.

The project managers are equipped with various tools and skills, which allow them, take the burden on their own hands and help their team to accomplish the work. Therefore, they use various management tools or software that helps them in this process. This software is expensive and can cost big dollars. To help the project manager with this scenario and help in reducing cost, we have developed a list of 14 Best Free Project Management Software and Tools.

Let us take a look at this cost-effective and work efficient free project management software and tools.

  1. 2-Plan

This software is preferred all over the sector, as this software allows the users to stay connected and coordinate no matter where they are in the world. This digital platform helps in keeping the team members connects and improves the communication skills, while this software also offers time tracking facilities to keep a check on the time consumed on completion of the project.

This software comes in three versions; 2-Plan Desktop, 2-Plan Team and, Work 2-Gether.

  1. All things

This software is based on the Kanban methodology. The software is mainly used as a list-oriented digital platform, which helps the managers and project leaders to organize and analyze the work progress of the team on the given project.

The software enables the team members to keep an account of time consumed per task and update the managers regarding the same. The software can easily be integrated with Dropbox, Google docs, and Gmail.

  1. Avaza 

This is client management based software, which allows the managers to keep track of the client’s demands and moment. This helps indirectly consulting with the clients and sending them estimates and quotes of capital required to complete a project.

This also creates a safe environment wherein case the client accepts the proposal, and the manager can direct accept the project.

  1. Kanbanflow

The project managers can keep an account of the time that each team member consumes to complete the task. This software is mostly inspired by the Kanban methods, there this helps in tracking time as well as allows the team members to work in sprints while taking necessary breaks when need. This increases the productivity of the team.

  1. Taiga

This tool is more focused on the users who have adopted agile methodology in their organizations. This software helps in effective time management, division of work, providing sprints and, relaxation breaks to the individuals who are working in the team.

This software was awarded the best management software in the year 2015.

  1. Bitrix24

This multi-purpose and diverse is the all in one management tool for the project managers; this software allows in conducting and developing social networking, project management, time management and, risk management.

The charts and time tracking features help in measuring the desired performance and actual performance of the team.

  1. Google Sheets

This free software by Google is considered one of the best management software available in the market. This system is the perfect combination of Excel-like features and modern customization techniques. This is the reason due to which the user interface is friendly and hassle-free. 

  1. Trello 

This is team management software that is based on Kanban methodology. This software helps in the timely allocation of work while keeping a check on the progress and problems faced during the completion of work. This allows in monitoring each and the activities of the team members and provides the flexibility to the manager to help them in the tasks.

  1. Asana

This multi-utility software is used in the project management sector. This software is breaking down the project into subcategories and small tasks that each team is then assigned in order to complete the work. This helps in prioritizing the important work and helps in the smooth completion of the project.

  1. Freedcamp

This software can accept multiple users without any restrictions. This is a planning software that helps in planning and dividing the project into small scrums. This software allows the user to have access to to-do lists and gantt charts, which helps in monitoring the performance. This software comes with an integrated iOS software which allows the users to keep track of work even on their mobile devices.

  1. Wrike 

This progress monitoring software, which offers the status of the work, whether it is completed or not completed. With the addition of a calendar, this can also help in the planning of tasks on various dates while updating the task force to achieve the required organizational goal.

  1. GanttProject

This software helps in the organization the work and tasks of the project acquired by the project manager. Here you are allowed to mention the cost, duration of the project, status of the tasks, performance of team players and, access to charts, which will allow the project manager to properly understand the progress of the teams.

  1. Producteev

This software helps in organizing the work, helps the team to properly coordinate, and maintains communication in their network. This helps in allocating the tasks of the project to various teams and departments of the company. This helps in prioritizing the work while helps in meeting deadlines effectively.

  1. MeisterTask

This is management communication software, which allows the teams and project managers to have communication among them. Here the features of the software allow us to create a new task in their mind map feature as well. It allows sending emails immediately after completion of the task. This software provides all the basic and advanced features, which would be needed by the project manager, such as time and progress tracking, risk assessment, communication set up and, much more.

Being a project manager is already a difficult task. With these free software and tools, you can help your organization grow and effectively meet deadlines while managing your teams properly.

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